January 2020
Still trying to find my way, I published a personal note on Medium.com, entitled Finding happiness after a breakup. Why here and not in my Homosum blog? you may ask. Well, my blog is primarily to save from Zuckerberg my best Facebook posts. Sometimes I want people to be free to access my content, for reasons of utility. Actually, it is working pretty well. Homosum is for things that flow in my life. The ambition of Scripta, on the contrary, is to preserve things that are written to stay, across time, space, and languages, to the best of my abilities (Babel will always be).

July 2019
I published a Utopian SF short story in English: Please, confirm you are human.

June 2019
A stop. My life got upside-downed on Easter Monday. And here I am again, no more part of a couple, but single again. With two kids. Okay. Anyhow. Passed some months. Perhaps I should write about it. Some day.

February 2019
In 2019, I enrolled in Neil Gaiman’s Masterclass. For the first time since my adult life, I tried to write in English. Here there are, in case you are interested. They are only exercises, but it was fun to write them, and actually, I learned a lot about myself.