Why I do not comment on what’s happening in Ukraine now

Some contacts asked me why I do not comment on what’s happening in Ukraine now. I have a twofold answer, the first one being the most important.

First. I have acquaintances on all sides of the conflict (yes, they are more than two). I mean, personal contacts. Human beings. Lifes. They are all suffering. A lot. And I am not talking about First World Problems. Most probably, I should add that, at least in one case, I should use the past tense. I want to respect their suffering. Who am I to talk, from my comfy sofa in a safe Western country?

Second. I am not a journalist or a foreign policy analyst. I know some of them, people whom I trust. The problem is the overflow of information on the media, the risk to share fake news is really too high — see [1], it is just an example.

Final note. My position is shared through social media and it is clear to all people who want to understand it. I am not available to discuss it on public fora, for the reasons above, BUT I am ready to share my opinion on a personal, human-to-human, basis. Of course, if we share a basic common ground of humanity. Something that, nowadays, I do not take for granted anymore.

Originally published on Facebook, 8 March 2022.

[1] https://twitter.com/borzou/status/1500716991673421828?s=20&t=-JDXQ2THND8BVHXHWVZozA