Requiem for a friend

Yesterday, I was informed that one of my friends, J., died, unexpectedly, far away from his home, for a heart attack. I had no direct contact with him since half February, just before the Old World b. C.(*) collapsed.

I would like to honour his memory quoting some of his words he gave me in 2019 and early 2020 when I was in the middle of my personal apocalypse. He was close to me then, and I will be grateful for that forever.

The picture above is his; it was shot commenting the reference to Pallas Athena.

(*) b. C. = before Corona

”This universe is one in which luck sometimes hits you over the head with a golden feather. I see some shadow of Odysseus in you: battered by adversity, but with a protecting goddess (of science, knowledge and wisdom) Pallas Athena helping you.”

”Cars are technology that is over a century old, and that in its basic form – four wheels, of which two driven by an internal combustion engine – has not evolved for, say, 80 years. Cars are the most old-fashioned technology we use. Even telephone, which is older than cars, has known much more evolution (sms, data/internet over telephone links, VoIP, landline vs mobile, satellite telephony, to name a few). Cars are the dinosaurs of our time.”

”When I entered the bio food store close to where I live today, there were students of the local Gymnasium at the entrance, with empty boxes. “Please buy one item of food for poor people”, they said. I did. When I came out, they already had six boxes full of peas, rice, fruits, flour, oil etc. etc. Love it. Those people are 17 years old 😊”

”I’ll never scold the “millennial” generation. They’re undoing a lot of wrongs.”

”Dutch Marines. Motto “Qua patet orbis”. Just go for it, once you know you want to go.”

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